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Black dial, minute scale foreign rolex replica watches aid white transfer position, the hour digits using 12 trapezoid inlay time scale display. Hollow large minute hand, hour design, reading clarity. 6:00 position unique LED calendar display, under the unopened state,swiss watches we can not clearly see the date on the dial, and when the moment of pressing the crown, bright LED electronic date window is lit, window design than the average watch display window bigger, even in low-light environments can clearly read the time, and this is where this large calendar of special Tissot watch, is a little more fun to wear.

he Qutub large calendar quartz watch more classic and replica watches for sale elegant design and a large LED display is also losing the fashion calendar. Benefits quartz movement is even without have to worry about it will stop, can be worn at any time you precise instructions, durable and suitable for all occasions wear.

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